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Female Anchors in Bangalore - Hire for event

The big stage is guided by a best Anchor, If you want your program to be success full then hire a professional anchor. Once the stage is set we follow our pattern of Program Commencement, Welcoming Guests and Audience, Calling Chairperson for a Speech, Activities, Request the Guest to Address the Audience, Prize Distribution & Conclusion.

female anchor in Bangalore, Karnataka - Specifications of What you Get

1. Good Looking with best dressing and Makeup
2. Presentation skills infront of Camera/Audience
3.Aged between 25 to 35 years
4. 2 years experience with 10 plus stage shows throughout Bengaluru
5. English, Hindi and Kannada spoken
6. Short time Script reader/ Writer
7. Best Communication Skills
8. Flexible event timings (24X7) work
9. Puzzles and Game planner for Event
Our Anchor are best with combination of above description. Book Anchor today for events like Product Showcase, Advertsiement, Modelling, Corporate meetups, Weddings and Sangeet function
Call today on 9606922242
30% payment confirmation is compulsary for reservation for events and dates. Available Anchor profile will be shared against enquiries for Anchor Hire in Bengaluru

female anchor in bangalore

best anchor in bangalore


Our anchors are from top Best Anchoring Colleges in India.
Delhi Film Institute.
National Institute of Mass Communication.
Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication.
Institute for Media Studies and Information Technology.

Anchor for Wedding and Events in Bangalore | Birthday Anchors hire in Bangalore

Your big day celebration, we join in by anchoring the show which include guest entertainment, Show hosting and Broom and Bride welcome with activities.

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Anchor for Birthday Party | Special Event day Celebration Anchors

Our Anchor Host birthday party in professional way in star Hotels, Residence or Event venue Resorts. We are the sailer for the boat or full function.We design games based on events and group age like baloon blasting, Musical Chairs

Tariff or Pricing to Hire Anchors in Bangalore | Cost to Hire Male or Female Anchor

Basic Pack: Male Anchor - Rs 10,000/- | Female Anchor - Rs 15,000/-
(1 plus year in Anchoring industry, Show host in professional way)

Premium Pack : Male Anchor - Rs 30,000/- | Female Anchor - Rs 40,000/-
(5 plus years in Anchoring industry + Certified from Top Institues)

Celebrity Pack : Male Anchor - Rs 1,20,000/- | Female Anchor - Rs 1,50,000/-
(Sandalwood star show makers in TVs will perform anchoring Job)


program anchor female bangalore


Best Anchor event preparation in Bangalore for flawless shows:

Our Anchor or EMCEE does not fumble or experience bad jokes due to following preparations

1. Audience catgarised: Urban or Rural, Anchors act accordingly so that compfortablity with audience. 1st Know the audience type
2. Planning : Written all, mind in some., They would have made preparation of what to talk and what topic to avoid for sake of planning an event in Bengaluru. Welcome speech preparation is key for an anchor.
3. Strong Confidence: Anchor hold a good body language and looks which really boosts confidence, Yeah they are the event celebrity for the day.
4. Introduction: Our friendly anchors Introduce them to audience keeping healthy conversations for event happening.
5. Finishers: Our Anchors end or finsih events in a manner, audience blink about time passed on the Event.
That is not all, When you hire our Anchor for private functions like Wedding birthdays, We suggest on vendors, do and not do things in event. By considering our in-home ceromany. Why wait. When made decision to Hire Anchor. Call 9606922242 and Book your event anchor.

Female Anchors in Bangalore for Product launch and Events

Bangalore is home to a diverse range of female anchors who have made a name for themselves in the media industry. These women are not only beautiful but also intelligent and talented, with a passion for their work that shines through in every broadcast they deliver.
From news anchors to talk show hosts, these female anchors in Bangalore bring a unique perspective and voice to the media landscape. They are respected and admired by their colleagues and viewers alike, and have become an integral part of the city's cultural fabric.
Kannada orchestra team has over 25 female Anchors in Bangalore listed. Be it the celebrity or professional trained female anchor can be hired from Rs 10k for Events like Marriage, getogethers, Product launch, Open stage, Mehandi, Entertainment group, Team building corporates in Resorts, Corporate presentations.

Top Female Anchor In Bengaluru for weddings and product launch

Kids Birthday or parents golden anniversary, make sure to sparkle the day with rememberance. Professional female anchors will play vital role
Kannada Orchestra firm serves with best female anchor services, They interact with audience by making best atmoshpere
Think no furhter to book Female or Male anchors based on availability at cheap price in Bangalore. Farewell or high end party organisers in Bengaluru. Location is not criteria for our Anchors like school, party halls, resorts or destination.
Once you hire female gorgeous for your party will make difference than making your friend announce the index page. Kids are entertained with puzzles and small quiz with gift options.
Based on budget, Hire Celebrity females and models for party joining and announcements. Age of Female anchor will be between 20 to 40 years.
Getting an anchor in your family is easy task, coz nowadays scripts and fashion can be got from internet, But our professional female will make difference with experience and body language. Experience in past events matter a lot in Anchor industry.
Script and Content with preparation for the event makes us unique. As a full time anchor English, Hindi and local language with best body language brings Anchoring profession to light.
My path of Success to be an anchor is from Birthdays, TV shows conducted. I am Born anchor so called the magician for artist like singers or Dancers.
Promising to make your evening happy, spreading love is our goal. My past video and resume will be shared prior to Booking me.

About : Anchor Hire in Bangalore

I have conducted Anchor For Corporate press conference by team building activity.
My fashoin shows and music concers expereince will add my values.
Retailers meet product explained by anchor in best way, Marriages shows are hosted by me for entertainment and content convey.
Haldi, Sangeet and Mehndi functions of Wedding anchoring is wise decision to hire me as anchor
Without mike I will shout loud at your New year Party, Hiring me gives more energy than sipping a wine in party

How to be Program Anchor in Bengaluru?

Send your resume and Interest on watsap 9606922242 or reach our Bangalore office to start your Anchoring carrier. Explore oppurtunity and build carrier which is entertaining and challenging. Also do share full portfolio for anchor bookings through corporates.

FAQ's : Anchor on Hire in Bangalore | Event Anchor on rent in Bangalore

How to Hire an Anchor for an Event in Bangalore?

Call our Helpline no 9606922242 to hire Professional Anchoring service in Bangalore region only.

How to become succesfull anchor : Never think of what others think about You, Attention seeker, Never get into controversy situation topics, Confident, twist the situation.

what is the cost of female anchor in bangalore per program : Charges start from Rs 15k for event goes upto 50k depend upon popularity and experiences

What is the duration of Hire for Anchoring : Generally we host the show for 4 to 6 hours. Thats the Idle duration of hire.

Anchors hire | Singers Hire in Bangalore | standup comedians hire in Bangalore.

What all function do you Host in Bangalore apart from Anchoring?

We Host all Events like Music release, Marriage Receptions, Stage Shows, Company outing, Activities Handling etc. Standup comedy, Guest engangement and Professional Anchoring. We have a team of Dance and Singers too.

Do you offer services outside Bangalore too for anchor hire service?

Lodging and Travelling allowance at additional, Caravan rental applicable for out of bangalore stage hosting.

What is the duration of Hire for Anchoring including planning?

Generally we host the show for 4 to 6 hours. Thats the Idle duration of hire.

Do you Anchor New Year Parties too in private resorts or Star Hotels?

Yes we host all type of events like Resort or Star Hotel treats and getogethers.

How early should we book Anchors in Bangalore with payment

Atleast 1 week prior booking is idle, We serve last minute also subjecting to availability.

Payment Terms for Anchoring hiring for event happening

60% advance on confirmation about events and Dates. Balance 40% prior to stage start or during event.

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