Singers hire in Haveri, Karnataka | Wedding Singers Hire in Haveri

Looking to Hire Singers in Haveri, Yes you are at wright Place, Book Online by paying 50 percent advance. We will send some of our Previos works to your Watsap before we proceed with Singers Hire Program list. Full Package for Outdoor Event like Ganesha or Jathre or Rajyotsava or Weddings is optional in List. Dancers with 3 pairs and Additional pairs are Always ready to be hired. Evening Reception performers are Singers. Our Singing Artists have performed in Star Hotel of Karnataka like Shangrila, Taj, Royal Orchid etc. Destination wedding arrangement like Resort wedding Hiring Singers is just call away. Reality TV show singers can be hired.

Male singers in Haveri | wedding singers in Haveri

How to Contact Kannadaorchestra Team | singers hire in Haveri contact number

Our Customer care numbers are "9606922242" (watsap prefered) as the name says Kannadaorchestra, Our Language preference is Kannada. We have also performed with mixture of Telugu and Hindi Songs on Borders of Stage like Chitamani, KGF and many. We are Since 2015 in this Industry. Minimum 10 days Notice needed to hire in professional way. We have caught the last minute deal also. We are Bangalore Based Singing Company, We perform in Every remote location of Karnataka and India. We love to travel and get your hospitality

Karoke singers in Haveri

After Emerging Prerecorded Karoke tracks all over. Karoke Singers gained high Demand in Karnataka with Event Dates price shoot upto Rs 25,000 per Event. Karoke Singers Hire in Haveri has made easy with, We Have over 160 artists across all belts like Dance, Singing, Program Hosting, DJ operator and Similar

Wedding singers in Haveri

Hiring Wedding Singers is very good option for Indoor and Destination Weddings. Sangeeth Programs are remembered in your ceremony. Luxury of Wedding lies in Music and execution. Prominent fare and competation price for Wedding singers Hire in Haveri

female singers in Haveri | orchestra singers in Haveri

Female Singers in Haveri Karnataka

We are packed with almost 20 plus female artists who can perform in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and tailored language songs based on place of show. Hiring Female singers will range from 10k to 25k based on individual performance history.

Male Singers in Haveri Karnataka

Around 80 male Singers are tied up with Kannadaorchestra team to perform in Live singing shows. Always sensible to hire more Male singers than female ones as Songs need more Male tone to perform shows than female.

Orchestra Singers in Haveri

Across Karnataka of 28 districts we have given orchestra and Dance programs with our Orchestra team. We travel by train and reduce your head cost. We also perform in remote areas of beaches like Uttara Kannada too

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Freelance Singer Haveri

Singers are generally freelancers with passion towards singing. Our Doors are open if you wanna join our team of singers for internship or stage show oppurtunities. We do auditions on regular basis to hire freelance singers in Haveri

Live Singers in Haveri

We perform live show singing in kannada or any language region based on events like Birthday, Reception, Marriage or any occasion. Expert Hire of Live singers is prefered as our Prerecorded tracks of 600 plus songs exist in our Playlist.

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Samples selection for Singers Hire in Haveri

Before you hire us for any Event, Infact before you receive quote we make sure you are provided with sample or Previous works. Similar Occassion samples are given like Birthday and Naming Ceromany parties are almost same, Very Slight Difference in Playlist.

Album or Music Composer Singers Hire in Haveri

ur Artists have work background of Music composition, BGM creation, Sound Mixing, DJ playing mainly sense and timely playlist for any event.

Rate Card for Singers hire in Haveri

Female/Male Anchor (Compulsary )- Rs 8,000 per Event
1 Pair Male and Female Singer - Rs 15,000 (Compulsary )
1 Additional Pair Incase of Longer Duration Performance - Rs 15,000 (Optional)
DJ music System with Operator - Rs 6,000 (Optional) No need if Venue person provides it.
Rs 29,000 with DJ system and Rs 23,000 without DJ system for Weddings and Outdoor Events
Karoke Tracks, Singers, Anchors Costumes are Included in Package.

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Program Samples can be checked in our Youtube Channel for reference only

Contact on 9606922242 by watsap or Call. Sample videos will be shared Upon 50percent payment confirmation. Show prior start payment should be settled to us. Over 100 plus karoke tracks are loaded with our DJ system for entertainment including evergreen songs from 90's and Latest 2022 songs playlist

Kannada rajyotsava orchestra in Haveri, big orchestra in Haveri

Dance orchestra in Haveri, music orchestra in Haveri karnataka

Haveri orchestra karnataka, Haveri orchestra online booking

how much it costs to make orchestra in Haveri karnataka

Dance Orchestra in Haveri | Sound or DJ system Orchestra in Haveri

Our team is piled with professional dancers from 14 to 18 years age, Reality TV show makers performing stunts and Dance steps to make your event memorable. Dance costume hired will be approx 900 per set.
For indoor functions our sound system is upto 4 speakers with lights and Mixer - Rs 8000 charged per function.
For Outdoor functions our sound system is upto 8 speakers with lights and Mixer - Rs 15000 charged per function. Function inclued for Ganesh Chaturthi or Kannada Rajyotsava or your Haveri outdoor functions.

What is the Orchestra full package pricing in Haveri ?

Wedding packages Haveri
Rs 30,000 for Karoke singing music, DJ system and Focus lights (No Dance)

Outdoor Packages Haveri orchestra
Rs 50,000 for Karoke singing + Dance + Dj System small team upto 10 members.

Outdoor Bigger Packages Haveri orchestra
Rs 80,000 for Karoke singing + Dance + Dj System small team upto 16 members of artists and Technicians

FAQ relating to Singer Hire in Haveri, Karnataka

Who is Best Singer in Karnataka?

As of 2022, Ravi Basrur and Arjun Janya is higest paid Music Composer in Karnataka, Vijay Prakash is considered as trending Singer of Kannada Industry through his Musical.

Who is Famous Singer in Karnataka?

Never the Less Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam or Rajesh Krishnan has hit the Famous or Singing Priority list in Karnataka

Reality Show Singers in Bangalore?

Kannada Kogile, Saregamapa seasons 1 to 9, Ede Thumbi Haduvenu are some of Reality shows in Kannada

What is the Cost of Event Singers in Haveri ?
Basic Orchestra Singers Charge Rs 15,000 Per Pair Additional 8000 for Anchoring and Music equipments Total 30,000/-
Reality Show Stoppers Charge based on their Profile Rs 25 to 40 K per Event

How long do you perform for Karoke Show?

Depends on number of artists Hired for Events like reception or wedding. Program Anchor hire is compulsary with 1 or 2 or 3 pair Singers. Single Pair can perform upto 150 mins of Show

How much does Wedding Singer Charge for Program in Haveri?

We charge the same for any event depending on which package you book, not what type of event it is. If you book me for a 3 x 55 mins performance – the base price is the same whether it’s your birthday or wedding or Open stage show. Travel is not included in my base prices but I do quote with all travel cost. Upon request breakup provided. For wedding Evening or Day time matters. We are expert and love to perform at destination wedding Venue across Karnataka

How much time do you need to set up?

I usually need around an upto 2 hour to set up if I am only setting up in one location.

You’re based in Bangalore Can you do my event in remote location of Karnataka?
Overwhelmly! We would Like to travel across each Location of Karnataka, We have give over 50 Programs with Belgaum in Peak to Gundulpet in South. Beaches or Dry place or Singing. Programs are distributed all across Karnataka.

What Languages Do you perform Singing in Haveri?

Kannada is 1st preference, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil Songs can be added in Playlist with our Team expertise.

Will you learn a specific song for our first dance/ceremony or do we have to choose from your playlist?

We Can learn any Songs like South Indian Languages or Hindi or Event Specific. My Playlist is large (over 500 songs currently) and what I have listed on my website or Youtube Channel is only a sample of this as I am constantly learning new material. If the song isn’t on there, it’s always worth asking – as I probably know it.

Do you require refreshments or accomodation?

I am your Guest for Only Few moments, Your Hospitality Matters. Following Strict Diet for Program Energy and Performance We would make our Own arrangements. We need our green room for privacy of makeup and place things safely.

What happens if you have to cancel? Will I be left without any entertainment?

If for any reason I am unable to perform, I will always endeavour to provide a replacement. If it is short notice, I have a network of performers I can call on should I need cover, but it’s entirely up to you whether you accept the replacement performer on offer. Cancellations are incredibly rare, but I do cover all bases on this which are covered in the contract I issue on booking. Always ensure you read the Ts and Cs of any performer you book before paying a deposit or signing an agreement.

Do you also provide DJ equipment?

Yes, I provide all my own DJ & lighting required for the event. As I also offer DJ services, this means I can cover your entire day from start to end (see my full-day packages for further information). I am often asked if another person can run through my equipment, and due to usage purposes, I cannot do this. My equipment can only be used by me. If you need mics for speeches, and I am covering that part of your day then I can provide these.

You provide Prerecorded singing Karokes too?

Yes, this is an incredibly fun and interactive show available with 1-4 singers and I have singers based all over the Karnataka.

What are Songs Performed for Weddings in Haveri?

Marriage or Occasion or Relationship or Love songs Playlist of Kannada industry lined up to make your time worthwhile. Melodious playlist if prefered over high rhytm songs.

Reception Singers hire in Haveri.

Within 25K budget hire pair singer with DJ system for Marriage reception to make your event memorable.

Do you do Anchoring or Standup Comedy in Venues ?

Yes, Speciality is that our Pro Standup Comedians or Anchors will perform in Occasion wise in venues

What is the Duration of Program for Singing in Haveri?

90 minutes of show time is Ideal for 1 pair singers and Upto 150 minutes of show time is Ideal for 2 pair singers. To make even more beautiful we distribute prizes with puzzles asked and Indoor games to engage audience.

Incase if you are blocked for the Day what are alternatives?

Equivalent performer will be provided as alternate for busy dates, As season and Unseason dates matter throughout the year.

Is it suitable to hire only Female or Male singers or Pair suitable?

Hiring Single artist is the worst idea for any event. Hire a pair with anchor and sound system which will fetch a budget upto 30K

Can I get Singing Oppurtunities in your Group for Events?

Door are open for talented people, For 2 or 3 programs Pay will be less as your showcase singing talent for Identification. You get oppurtunities as time lashes to handle entire Wedding Orchestra.

Singers Hire for Outdoor Events in Haveri?

It is of Same Price only difference is our Playlist

What is Reservation Process for Singers Hire in Haveri?
Busy and Short notice dates we prefer advance upto 75 percent. Else we charge booking fee of 50 percent as reservation.

Can I get DISCOUNT on quotation sent for Singers Hire in Haveri?

After we found Online Industry platform for Singing. No discount is given, In India Business is based on Competative price set, So we make sure rates are fair, affordable and performers are top class in singing industry.

"Booking Singers for Event or Weddings or Reception is greater Ideal Get in touch with me for any unanswered questions. It is fairly Important to know every detail before you make payment as Advance"


Get connected to our customer care numbers for updates. Audition and Performance places will be anywhere within Karnataka

It's not a TV Show. This is India's First Digital Singing Competition - All professional cover and official music videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and will be promoted for sure.

To find out the best singers out of all entries, we have our in house team of professionals and experienced faculty who belongs to music industry from last few many years.

There is no qualification or special training needed.

WHAT IS THE AGE LIMIT to be singer?
5 to 45 years.

standard indusrty payment as per chart

All Top contestants will be featured in our upcoming professional cover music videos and that will be uploaded to our Official YouTube Channel (

Cancellation policy of Haveri Orchestra kannada.

Without payment Confirmation we dont commit on Stage shows. Scenarios like Rain, Electricity, Technician fault, Generator not working. We claim full show amount just on our Presence to stage. Slight modification based on time availability is allowed.Orchestra for New Year, Rajyotsava and Lord Ganesha music band programms. For every occassion and Events like wedding, Birthday parties, Reception parties.

Singers Hire Throughout Karnataka

Inspite of Bengaluru or Bangalore based companies we have performed in 20 plus districts of Karnataka for Wedding or any Event based Singers for Hire in Bagalkot | Ballari or Bellary | Belagavi or Belgaum | Bidar | Chamarajanagar | Chikballapur | Chikkamagalur | Chitradurga | DakshinaKannada or Mangalore | Davangere | Dharwad | Hubli | Gadag | Hassan | Haveri | Kalaburagi or Gulbarga | Kodagu or Coorg | Kolar | Koppal | Mandya | Mysuru or Mysore | Raichur | Ramanagara | Shivamogga or Shimoga | Tumkur | Udupi | UttaraKannada or Karwar | Vijayapura | Bijapur | Yadgiri

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