Orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, Karnataka | Kannada Orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga | Hosadurga Chitradurga Dance Orchestra

Kannada orchestra is team of 160 artists and 8 teams with enthuisit of making dance and music shows throughout Hosadurga Chitradurga. Bangalore based online Orchestra company estd in 2017. Artists are from different music and Dance professional background. Out Motto is "Every event is a milestone piled to success". We do engage audience based on their prefered talent like singing and Dance or Comedy tellers. Orchestra function will be rememebered by your family this is not optional in any function. We move through bits and pieces of Karnataka for orchestra and music functions. Hope to see in Hosadurga Chitradurga dance entertainment as many times.

Ganesha chathurthi orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, outdoor orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga

How to Book Hosadurga Chitradurga Orchestra services | Karoke orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga

Contact on 9606922242 by watsap or Call. Sample videos will be shared Upon 50percent payment confirmation. Show prior start payment should be settled to us. Over 100 plus karoke tracks are loaded with our DJ system for entertainment including evergreen songs from 90's and Latest 2022 songs playlist

Kannada rajyotsava orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, big orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga

Singers for Hire in Hosadurga Chitradurga Karnataka

Only Program singers can be hired at Rs 10,000 per pair per event in Hosadurga Chitradurga Karnataka. If you have sound system our DJ will entertain you with professional singing. Trained to sing in any stage upto 5000 pax crowd. Kannada orchestra singers made easy in Hosadurga Chitradurga. Call on 9606922242 for further details

Dance orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, music orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga karnataka

Orchestra timings in Hosadurga Chitradurga

Our show generally starts in evening around 7 to 8pm and Close show by 11am leaving the audience stunned with our outstanding dance and singing performance. Approx 4 hours Orchestra functions we conduct in Hosadurga Chitradurga region based on time availability.

Hosadurga Chitradurga orchestra karnataka, Hosadurga Chitradurga orchestra online booking

Wedding Orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga

Our Wedding orchestra package will be of approx 30,000 including DJ sound system and professional singing. In additional to singing orchestra we engage audience in reception or engagement or Birthday parties in resorts near Hosadurga Chitradurga.

how much it costs to make orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga karnataka

Dance Orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga | Sound or DJ system Orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga

Our team is piled with professional dancers from 14 to 18 years age, Reality TV show makers performing stunts and Dance steps to make your event memorable. Dance costume hired will be approx 900 per set.
For indoor functions our sound system is upto 4 speakers with lights and Mixer - Rs 8000 charged per function.
For Outdoor functions our sound system is upto 8 speakers with lights and Mixer - Rs 15000 charged per function. Function inclued for Ganesh Chaturthi or Kannada Rajyotsava or your Hosadurga Chitradurga outdoor functions.

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What is the Orchestra pricing in Hosadurga Chitradurga ?

Wedding packages Hosadurga Chitradurga
Rs 30,000 for Karoke singing music, DJ system and Focus lights (No Dance)

Outdoor Packages Hosadurga Chitradurga orchestra
Rs 50,000 for Karoke singing + Dance + Dj System small team upto 10 members.

Outdoor Bigger Packages Hosadurga Chitradurga orchestra
Rs 80,000 for Karoke singing + Dance + Dj System small team upto 16 members of artists and Technicians

Ganesha chathurthi orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, outdoor orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, Kannada rajyotsava orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, big orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga orchestra karnataka

Karoke singers hire in Hosadurga Chitradurga | Role of Program Anchor in Hosadurga Chitradurga Orchestra

We are Bangalore based music event companies. Over 100 artists and Singers performed in Stage shows and Reality shows in TV. Hiring Professional Singers in Hosadurga Chitradurga is just call Away. Once we finalise the show in Hosadurga Chitradurga, We make bluprint based on VIP's Show lineups. Absolutely the showstopper is the Anchor who engage audience with his entertaining talent.

Hosadurga Chitradurga orchestra online booking, how much it costs to make orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga karnataka

Wedding orchestra in Hosadurga, Karnataka | Marriage orchestra Hosadurga

Orchestrahhh! without this, Weddings are incomplete in Hosadurga and trending sessions of your reception. Even after years relatives or wedding dance and performances are remembered. Kannada orchestra team has made budget friendly programs starting from Rs 15k simple sessions to 80k Grand music sessions in Weddings. Our team has TV reality shows to top celebrity in event programs.

Wedding ( Marriage) orchestra for reception in Hosadurga (2023)

Performing in Hosadurga receptions special events like marriage is a blessing task to kannadaorchestra team. With selected artists from entertaining industry, reality show makers, professional singers.
If budget is main criteria, then book only a pair of singers for Rs 12k depend on seasonal wedding dates. Orchestra holding in marriages brings strangers, far relatives, friends together. Also it has the magic to hold people for long time in functions. Small indoor games and puzzles within audience is added bonus apart from music show booked to any guest. Our songs selection will always be based on situations, For wedding we perform melodious love and relation making songs. We avoid mass beats songs unless guest request for the same.

Without any further delay Book your Wedding orchestra well in advance by calling our Customer Care no +919606922242

Basic Package only Singing orchestra | Wedding Orchestra cost in Hosadurga Karnataka
Rs 12,000 for 1 pair singer
Rs 8,000 for 1 program EMCE or anchor male and Female same price across Hosadurga
Rs 6k to 10k for sound system, depend upon speakers quality and venue distance too.

For 25k budget one can have excellent Wedding orchestra in Hosadurga.

Best wedding Orchestra in Hosadurga | Cheapest wedding Orchestra in Hosadurga

With over 5 years of stage show presentations and 80 plus live music concerts we at kannadaorchestra hold good hands by providing best wedding orchestra throughtout Karnataka. Also with no compromise on quality we have made cheapest marriage orchestra across villages of Hosadurga, Karnataka

Light Music for Wedding Reception in Hosadurga can be achieved if you no longer have to keep guest entertainment to smash songs across

Orchestra price in Hosadurga | Orchestra budget rate in Hosadurga

Hire only karoke singers from us starting from Rs 12k based on dates and demand for weddings and family functions.
With sound system average orchestra price in Hosadurga will be Rs 18k

Top 10 orchestra in Hosadurga | Best karoke orchestra in Hosadurga

As a learner in this Orchestra field I have not come across top or ranked orchestra, Every individual of making a team with talent is good at this. Kannda Orchestra hold 5 plus years in conducting music and dance shows across Bangalore

Female orchestra in Hosadurga | Male orchestra team in Hosadurga

Orchestra with faminine voice overs are at peaks in terms of achievements in Orchestra Female Orchestra charges are high compared to groups.

Famous orchestra in Hosadurga | popular orchestra performers in Hosadurga

Kannadaorchestra is famous across Google search and Youtube as you may see some of our samples in 2022 across social media. We have made every event a milestone.

Best orchestra in Hosadurga | Orchestra stage performers in Hosadurga

We tailor every event to Best Orchestra programs, even from choosing artists for Dance, Anchoring, Stage presentation, Script and drama design.

Blind orchestra in Hosadurga | Physical Challenge orchestra Hosadurga team

To encourage physical challenge people livings, we are tied up with Blind orchestra people in Hosadurga. Booking these artists gives way for their living too. Price will not slash for these talents. We suggest guest to take your call on this.

Orchestra shows in Hosadurga | Live music conert orchestra Hosadurga

Many amphitheares, Restaturants, pubs in Hosadurga conduct orchestra shows in Hosadurga to grab attention and increase business flow in Bangalore. Karoke singing and talent variour social media platforms encourage like starmaker, Instagram and so on.

Can we hire TV or Cinema Actors, Actress or Celebrity for Orchestra hire Hosadurga Chitradurga

Yes, Most of TV program workers work with us, Based on dates and availability. You may hire them. Payment is purely based on categary of artists hired like top anchors, top singing and dance reality show artists. Approx price will be Rs 20,000 per show plus travel arrangement to Hosadurga Chitradurga.

Standup comedian Hire in Hosadurga Chitradurga Orchestra

Anchor will do the job, Just in case you need the expertise to make crowd laugh like hell. Our Comediand and Motivational Speakers will do the job in Professional Way in Hosadurga Chitradurga regions.

Have you conducted shows in Hosadurga Chitradurga region or Similar regions. | Samples of program here

Yes. Our Company Kannadaorchestra has put its mark all over Karnataka and Hosadurga Chitradurga. We Organise Orchestra based on North Karnataka, Mysuru state, Bangalore regions taste and flavor. First we understand audience need of Hosadurga Chitradurga before we work on it. "Every minute Entertainment in guaranteed.
Do you perform Orchestra programs in Hosadurga Chitradurga with live Instruments.
Using technology is what we do for cost cutting. As flutist, Violin, Drummist, Rapper, Guitarist will charge Rs 10,000 per show. Can be made but really cost will be almost doubled.

How to Join your team, My place is Hosadurga Chitradurga, Karnataka
Talented people hunt is always on top priority, We provide stage for new comers to engage talents. 1 st show will be unpaid, Later every show will be paid based on season and performance. Send your details by watsap to get in touch with our team. Singing, Dance, Anchoring, Standup Comedian are our favourite hunting talents.

Cancellation policy of Hosadurga Chitradurga Orchestra kannada.

Without payment Confirmation we dont commit on Stage shows. Scenarios like Rain, Electricity, Technician fault, Generator not working. We claim full show amount just on our Presence to stage. Slight modification based on time availability is allowed.

Dance orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga, music orchestra in Hosadurga Chitradurga karnataka

Orchestra for New Year, Rajyotsava and Lord Ganesha music band programms. For every occassion and Events like wedding, Birthday parties, Reception parties.

What is Orchestra?

Combination of Dance performers (Reality show makers, Dance studio members, Dance learners, Professional Dancers) Singers (Professional, Music composers, Vocalists, new and old style musicians) Program Anchors (EMCEE, Male Anchors, Female Anchors) Event Manager and Sound light setup system

Types of Orchestra in Hosadurga, Karnataka

Wedding Orchestra for Reception
Karoke Orchestra
Open Stage Function

What is the Hosadurga Orchestra Contact Number?

A: Customer Care no Remains +91 9606922242 throughout Karnataka

What is the Cost for Orchestra in Hosadurga?

A: Pair singers hire at 10k, Open stage shows start from 50k

Wedding Orchesttra duration in Hosadurga?

A: 120 to 180 minutes performance with necessary breaks

What are the Occasions to Conduct Orchestra in Hosadurga?

Weddings or Marriage, Open stage occasions like god resembling, Birthday function, Getogethers

Reasons to Hire Orchestra Services in Hosadurga?

To keep the crowd engaged, music is ultimate choice. Wedding memories are 10 times more in wedding orchestra

Blind Orchestra in Hosadurga?

In our team we have some ultimate talents with handicaped artists, Bringing them out and providing oppurtunity you will be blessed to hire some artist

Sound System depends on type and size of Audience pax i.e., For a wedding reception or small indoor functions 500W pair speakers is suffice. Whereas for open stage functions approx 6000W speakers with supportive Subwoofers and DJ mixer.

Is Generator Backup needed for Orchestra organising in Hosadurga?

A: Orchestra is purely non essential celebration, Keeping generator backup depends on your location powercuts.

Can I Hire Celebrity for our Orchestra Program in Hosadurga?

Every celebrity artist is a public servant, hiring them for your function will keep public engaged in best way

About Kannadaorchestra.com
With over 160 artist and 8 seperate teams we are online Orchestra booking Company.

Rules and Regulations to Hire Orchestra in Hosadurga
- Payment of non refundable reservation amount only confirms booking of Orchestra
- Choosing for with or Without Sound sytem should be specific while booking orchestra
- Generator Backup is not included in package, Guest can make thier arrangement for same.
- Seperate Green room arrangement is compulsary as we have to keep our belongings and Dress up works.
-No reasons or situations expected during final settlement.
- All artists will arrive at venue 60 mins prior to show start
- Technicians and DJ will arrive early for setup and tuning purpose
- Audience participation is purely our choice

Orchestra service throughtout every village, Taluk and Districts of Karnataka

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra for Bagalkote district and its Taluks include Orchestra in Jamkhandi | Mudhol | Badami | Bilagi | Hunagunda | Ilkal | Rabkavi Banhatti | Guledgudda

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra for Bellary district and its Taluk include Orchestra in Kurugodu | Kampli | Sanduru | Siraguppa

Dance Orchestra program of Vijayanagar district and its taluk town like| Hosapete | Hagaribommanahalli | Harpanahalli | Hoovina Hadagali | Kudligi | Kotturu

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra for Belagaum district and its Taluk include Orchestra in Athani | Bailahongala | Chikkodi | Gokak | Khanapura | Mudalgi | Nippani | Rayabaga | Savadatti | Ramadurga | Kagawada | Hukkeri

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra Nelamangala | Doddaballapura | Devanahalli | Hosakote

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra Bidar District and its respective Taluk including Aurad | Basavakalyana | Bhalki | Chitgoppa | Hulsuru
Humnabad | Kamalanagara

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra Chamarajanagara and its districts include Gundlupete | Kollegala | Yelanduru | Hanuru

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra district Chikkaballapura with taluk level including Bagepalli | Chintamani | Gauribidanuru | Gudibanda | Sidlaghatta | Chelur

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra Chikkmagaluru district addint to servies across its taluks including Kaduru | Koppa | Mudigere | Narasimharajapura | Sringeri | Tarikere | Ajjampura | Kalasa

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra in kote nadu Chitradurga and north karnataka districts like Challakere | Hiriyur | Holalkere | Hosadurga | Molakalmuru

Kannada Orchestra also performs stage shows in Dakshina Kannada regions like Mangaluru | Ullal | Mulki | Moodbidri | Bantwala | Belathangadi
| Putturu | Sulya | Kadaba

Big function Orchesrtra made memory in Davanagere district and its taluks like Harihara | Channagiri | Honnali | Nyamathi | Jagaluru

Kannada orchestra service for twin cities Hubballi and Dharwada with its taluk Kalghatgi | Kundagolu | Navalgunda | Alnavara | Annigeri

Rajyotsava Orchestra functions in Gadaga and its taluks include Naragunda | Mundaragi | Rona | Gajendragada | Lakshmeshwara | Shirahatti

Dance and Singing Kannada Orchestra in Hassan additional to taluks like Arasikere | Channarayapattana | Holenarsipura | Sakleshpura | Aluru | Arakalagudu | Beluru | Halebeedu

Music Orchestra evenings in Haveri district and Ranebennur | Byadgi | Hangala | Hirekeruru | Shiggavi | Rattihalli taluks.

Orchestra evenings of Kalaburagi or Gulbarga additional to its taluk like Afzalpura | Alanda | Chincholi | Chitapura | Jevargi | Sedam | Kamalapura | Shahabad | Kalgi | Yedrami

Orchestra in Kodagu districts with local taluks including Coorg | Madikeri | Somawarapete | Virajapete | Ponnammapete | Kushalanagara |

Orchestra in Kolar district with taluks including Bangarapete | Maluru | Mulabagilu | Srinivasapura | KGF

Orchestra in Koppala district of Karnataka in addition to Gangavathi | Kushtagi | Yelaburga | Kanakagiri | Karatagi | Kukanuru

Orchestra in Mandya Karnataka with taluks regions Madduru | Malavalli | Srirangapattana | Krishnarajapete | Nagamangala | Pandavapura

Mysuru Orchestra in Karnataka with taluks including Hunasuru | Krishnarajanagara | Nanjanagudu | Heggadadevanakote | Piriyapattana | T.Narasipura | Saraguru | Saligrama

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Kannada Orchestra in Ramanagara distric of Karnataka with Taluks of it like Magadi | Kanakapura | Channapattana | Harohalli

Orchestra in Shivamogga district with service extension to Taluks like Sagara | Bhadravathi | Hosanagara | Shikaripura | Soraba | Tirthahalli

Tumakuru Orchestra for Kannada and it taluks like Chikkanayakanahalli | Kunigal | Madhugiri | Sira | Tipturu | Gubbi | Koratagere | Pavagada | Turuvekere

Orchestra in Udupi district and its taluk including Kapu | Bynduru | Karkala | Kundapura | Hebri | Brahmavara

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Orchestra in Gulbarga or Vijayapura district and its taluk Indi | Basavana Bagewadi | Sindgi | Muddebihala | Talikote | Devara Hipparagi | Chadchana | Tikota | Babaleshwara | Kolhara | Nidagundi | Alamela

Orchestra services in Yadagiri district of Karnataka and its Taluk including Shahapura | Surapura | Gurmitkala | Vadagera | Hunsagi

Orchestra in famous places of Karnataka include Orchestra in Gokarna | Orchestra in Dharmastala | Orchestra in Siganduru | Orchestra in Hampi

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