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Orchestra Band services in Bangalore | Kannadaorchestra.com

Wedding or Marriage music Band Organiser, Orchestra bands for wedding and Events in Bangalore, Karnataka. Online orchestra band company. Established since 2015. Vast experienced music band, Our Karoke orchestra will make the audience stunned. Our company can handle audience from 50 to 3000 pax, Depending on the occassion

Orchestra in Bangalore, karnataka

We are group of artist with completely professional singing and dancing talent. Once you are finalised the order we ensure we are ontime for the occasion. Generally our funtion lasts upto 4 hours. We use advanced music karoke band for entertainment.

This is the most memorable part of your function. We have provided Programs all across karnataka i.e., Districts and regions of Bangalore, Davangere, Chitradurga, Tumkur, Bellary, Haveri, Shivamoga, Chikmaglur, Hassan

Wedding Orchestra services in Bangalore

In 10 years of remarkable journey we have performed programs over 500 wedding function entertainments with 30 to 80 thousand budget. we have organised private party in coorg and Chikmaglur resorts for new year and events. November month is always our favorite as Rajyotsava hits the peek demand for Orchestra requiremnt.

Karoke Orchestra in Bangalore

Cheapest form of Orchestra involved for any function is Karoke music engraved. As this evolves less manpower and Instrumental artists fee is saved. Karoke Orchestra hire in Bangalore is served with 5 star and proficient singers in your function


Karoke Singers in Bangalore | Female and Male pair singers

Karoke is form of entertainment with original removal of voice, Karoke songs are made in sound making softwares in 2023, Part or event enjoyment comes to picture when group gathering happening. Wedding Karoke orchestra are main attractions nowadays. Generally a pair singer who sings all melodious and High bgm songs are Karoke singers. A pair of Karoke artists are male and Female artist. Generally hiring karoke artist will start from 5000 per show.
Requesting a special playlist depend on program types like Wedding and Birthday is budget friendly music. Huge weddings and small getogethers are complete budget friendly Karoke nights. In places like Bangalore singers can be hired from 5000 onwards.
"Karoke singers pair with recorded tracks laptop is included in package - We have over 500 songs based on selection we give performances"

Sample Programs list is on youtube channel Links are below

Conclusion : In an Average we conduct over 50 music events for Rajyotsava, Ganesha festival and Jathre function. We are teamed up company of over 160 artists and 15 seperate teams. Our prime package is as you pay basis.

Ganesha chathurthi orchestra in bangalore, outdoor orchestra in bangalore

How to Calculate Orchestra price in Bangalore for weddings or Outdoor programs

Only Karoke singers hire Music Dj system, speakers and Lights Total 25,000 package

- Program duration upto 3 hours, best suitable for wedding reception and birthday parties. Service and booking accepted throughout karnataka.

Orchestra package Rs 50,000 - open stage type sample video

- 2pair dancer + 1 pair singer + 1 program anchor + DJ sound system of 8base and 8 top suitable for 1000 above pax ceremonies

Orchestra package Rs 80,000 - open stage type sample video above

- 4pair dancer + 2 pair singer + 1 program anchor + DJ sound system of 8base and 8 top suitable for 1500 above pax ceremonies

Kannada rajyotsava orchestra in bangalore, big orchestra in bangalore

Our Special team pileup for Corporate Event orchestra and Bands

We are team of Professionals with Women and Men based Event Organiser's. Vocal singers, Dancers, filmy choreographers, Drummists, Guitarists, Fluetist and Keyboard Instrumentsl artists.

Dance orchestra in bangalore, music orchestra in bangalore karnataka

We have done over 60+ Corporate functions in Major destinations like Goa, Palace Grounds Star rated hotels like Taj, Le Meridian, Ashoka, ITC Gardenia and many more

bangalore orchestra karnataka, bangalore orchestra online booking

Orchestra for New Year, Rajyotsava and Lord Ganesha music band programms. For every occassion and Events like wedding, Birthday parties, Reception parties.

Best Orchestra Committment from Cinema industrty background

Most dedication & disciplined team,
10 golden years of experience
Over 2000 shows worldwide
Available for Wedding Receptions and Corporate Shows
Trained group of Musicians
Passion filled Singers
Digital Sound System With Digital Mixing Console
Modern Lazer Lights and LED
Uniform Dress Code - Blazers
Packages to suit your budget
Best Presentation

how much it costs to make orchestra in bangalore karnataka

Many Awards are on our pouch for Orchestra Shows in Karnataka - Photo Gallery (About US)

orchestra price in bangalore, wedding orchestra in bangalore, best orchestra in bangalore, tamil orchestra in bangalore, orchestra buying office in bangalore, omkar melodies orchestra in bangalore


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orchestra price in bangalore, wedding orchestra in bangalore, best orchestra in bangalore, tamil orchestra in bangalore, orchestra buying office in bangalore, omkar melodies orchestra in bangalore


orchestra band bangalore, orchestra company bangalore, dj orchestra, orchestra premaman bangalore, orchestra technology bangalore, How to get orchestra jobs in Bangalore, hiring an orchestra for a wedding

Bollywood Orchestra services in Bangalore, Karnataka

Bolly wood Orchestra Hire for Weddings and Events, We have best team for Music entertainment for Sangeeth Entertainment, We are also part of Vayuputhra Wedding Planner in Bangalore, Hindi North Indian entertainers, Punjabi, Gujarathi and All Indian style bollywood entertainment can be expected in Show program.

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orchestra price in bangalore, wedding orchestra in bangalore, best orchestra in bangalore, tamil orchestra in bangalore, orchestra buying office in bangalore, omkar melodies orchestra in bangalore

orchestra band bangalore, orchestra company bangalore, dj orchestra, orchestra premaman bangalore, orchestra technology bangalore, How to get orchestra jobs in Bangalore, hiring an orchestra for a wedding

orchestra hire for weddings, Orchestra price chart, music bands for weddings, music bands for wedding india, music bands for weddings near me, music bands for weddings in karnataka

Karnataka's Leading Orchestra Music and Dance service performence shows

We are Kannadaorchestra.com Leading and most reliable music concert providers in Karnataka. We provide Wedding reception orhcestra, Outdoor stage shows in all major districts of Karnataka. Our Orchestra concert services is the option for all your Entertainment in event. Since 2020 we have conducted over 50 plus shows in Indoor and Outdoor. Unique tailor made concerts for every occasion.
If you wish to hire Orchestra for weddings, We are ready with our Karoke system in budget friendly manner. Most reliable Kannada orchestra services. We ensure to provide high BGM beats in outdoor functions to fullfill needs like overnight crowd gathering.

Booking our Orchestra services will ensure artists from professional music and Dance academic backgrounds. We always focus on customer budget for luxury entertainment, We have always served more than we have promised in every Event. Make sure to list your songs if any for the happenening event in 2023.

Depending on seasonal and unseasonal dates price may vary throughout the year for conducting Orchestra services in Karnataka. Flexible timings and adjustable mannerism is our key for successfull Kannada Orchestra tours in Karnataka

Our Customer care no for Kannada Orchestra remaings +91 9606922242 (Watsap or Call) for F2F meeting to finalise and close the deal

Orchestra for Birthday Functions in Karnataka

We have conduted over 20 mini functions with just 15 to 20k budget for small getogethers and birthday functions. Samples of video will be shared prior to booking of Birthday orchestra. Any 31 major districts of Karnataka price remains same. We have travelled the whole Karnataka to make it.

Orchestra for Marriage receptions in Karnataka

Generally Wedding reception is purely incomplete withour music condution. With very less budget anybody can hire Singers or full reception package. Songs list will be melody old and new trending songs. Language selection option for guest from Hindi and south Indian trending and BGM songs list.

Orchestra Service for Weddings in Resorts and Destinations

In our journey we have been doing Wedding entertainment, We have created enormous calm and cool evenings. With our Music band and adoptable budget package. We are best to act in every resort near Bangalore. We make memories memorable. Our destination theme based weddings get entertained with us. Please do remember to contact us Directly for best price, If your venue person is contacting us defenitely he will add surcharge fee. We have performed in star hotels like Shangri La, Taj and many more, Adding to palace grounds and regional Kalyana Mantapa's our programs win heart everytime from our stunned performance.

Dance orchestra in bangalore, music orchestra in bangalore karnataka
We also have Only Artist hire like Standup comedians, Anchors, Solo Singers, Singing team hire if you have Sound system offered from your Venue. Bollywood and Kannada is the General type of songs performed. In addition other state languages like tamil or Telugu we are tied with artist when need only performance. We do not recommend Instrumental Orchestra as it increases budget flute, saxophone, guitar artist charge high on event above 10,000 per day. We recommend Karoke system to have good accuracy and instant performance.

bangalore orchestra online booking, how much it costs to make orchestra in bangalore karnataka

Just to Ellaborate on Past Orchestra Events Performance in Bangalore : Most of Kalyana Mantapas in Bangalore, Star hotels like taj, shangrila, Royal Orchid Yelahanka, Renaissance, Four Seasons Hotel Mekhri Circle, Fortune Select, Country Inn, Gold Finch, IBIS hotel Hosur road bangalore, We have been performing in most of auditorium in Bangalore. Palace grounds Vasanthnagar. Kanakapura road Bangalore outskirts like Anekal, Devanahalli, Bannergatta road. If its a marriage season surely you can locate us here almost 5 times in a month. So above destination orchestra performance is our key to have you entertained in Wedding and Family functions.

Bollywood Orchestra in bangalore

Relax music in marriage function, People remember 3 things in weddings Hospitality, food and Music. Worry only about the 2, 3rd will be taken care by us. Our responsible to keep the crowd engaged in the function. Be it the retro or Bollywood songs. We have made it every time with full Bollywood entertainment packages. Singers sing the old and Melody from Kumar Sanu or Sonu Nigam adding to Female versions of latha mangeshkar and Shreya Ghoshal. Our Hindi Songs playlist is loaded with melody and High intensity situation based songs for Indoor functions in Resort or Wedding Halls. Rs 80K will be the Package for 8 dancers + 4 Singers + 1 Program Anchor at any venue in Bangalore or Outskirts. Our Playlist include melody and hit songs of Sandalwood, Bollywood, Tollywood & Kollywood. Outskirts of Bangalore with your relatives in a resort will be our favorite options.

Ganesha chathurthi orchestra in bangalore, outdoor orchestra in bangalore, Kannada rajyotsava orchestra in bangalore, big orchestra in bangalore orchestra karnataka

Mobile Orchestra Services in Bangalore, Karnataka (Singers Hire)

DJ sounds with Lights attached with UPS for outdoor ceromanies and tyohars, Generally this is for huge gathering. We provide only artist hire services for Mobile Orchestra based functions in Bangalore

How do we Join the Orchestra Team in Bangalore.

Singing is your passion, Knock an oppurtunity with us. Remember to have this as secondary income only. We are teamed and working when need arises. This business or talent cannot make you survive for whole year in earnings. But keeps your memory updated for lifetime. We always accept applications from top music schools, Dance event organisations. Based on your experience you will be paid. We also train artists based on interst in Probationary period.

Contact details of Kannada Orchestra Team

Wow, to finalise deals with 50 % advance Please reach us on 9606922242 (watsap preferred). Orchestra package from 20,000/- to 1.5 lakhs based on dates luxury and tailored requirements.

Reasons to Hire Kannada Orchestra team

1. Economical : We work on your Budget Eg : For 30K package 1 pair singers and 2 pair dancers for smallest function to 2lakh package luxury celebrity package we have worked till 2022.
2. Professionals : 3+ years music, Dance school learnt pro will be at your functions. So confidence or quality of show level will be of top calss.
3. Sensible Playlist : Marriage or Wedding functions or Indoor playslits are melody, Love or Duets. Mass hit songs playlist for Outdoor function. Patriotic songs performed for Kannada Rajyotsava.
4. Easy to book: Online payment option with complete records on your Watsap sent from 9606922242, Confidently make your Orchestra Bookings
5. Entertainment shows : Every program is milestone we build, 100% hit rates are given.
6. Audience Engagement : Our Anchor Engage audience with puzzles, small games for gatherings. Big functions risky still we have our own technique to do the same.
7. Specific Artist Hire Option: You Can Hire only Singers for 6 to 8K per session. Dancers hire options and Costume hiring, DJ sound system options are hit list of our shows
8. Mutliple cost Package Option : Any budget package we make sure to work on. Bangalore based Entertainment agency, Ready to serve throughout Karnataka or any place in India.

Wedding orchestra in bangalore | Budget friendly marriage Orchestra setting?

Orchestrahhh! without this, Weddings are incomplete in Bangalore and trending sessions of your reception. Even after years relatives or wedding dance and performances are remembered. Kannada orchestra team has made budget friendly programs starting from Rs 15k simple sessions to 80k Grand music sessions in Weddings. Our team has TV reality shows to top celebrity in event programs.

Orchestra price in Bangalore | Cheapest orchestra setup in Bangalore!

Hire only karoke singers from us starting from Rs 12k based on dates and demand for weddings and family functions.
With sound system average orchestra price in Bangalore will be Rs 18k

Top 10 orchestra in bangalore | Famours Orchestra team across Bangalore

As a learner in this Orchestra field I have not come across top or ranked orchestra, Every individual of making a team with talent is good at this. Kannda Orchestra hold 5 plus years in conducting music and dance shows across Bangalore

Female orchestra in bangalore | Orchestra team led by females only

Orchestra with faminine voice overs are at peaks in terms of achievements in Orchestra Female Orchestra charges are high compared to groups.

Famous orchestra in bangalore | Experienced stage show event makers

Kannadaorchestra is famous across Google search and Youtube as you may see some of our samples in 2022 across social media. We have made every event a milestone.

Best orchestra in bangalore | Top music Bands in Bangalore

We tailor every event to Best Orchestra programs, even from choosing artists for Dance, Anchoring, Stage presentation, Script and drama design.

Blind orchestra in bangalore | Physical challenged Orchestra Services

To encourage physical challenge people livings, we are tied up with Blind orchestra people in Bangalore. Booking these artists gives way for their living too. Price will not slash for these talents. We suggest guest to take your call on this.

Orchestra shows in bangalore | Practice Karoke Orchestra venues in Bangalore Karnataka

Many amphitheares, Restaturants, pubs in Bangalore conduct orchestra shows in Bangalore to grab attention and increase business flow in Bangalore. Karoke singing and talent various social media platforms encourage like starmaker, Instagram and so on.

FAQ : Kannada Orchestra- Bangalore karnataka | Wedding Orchestra in Bangalore

What is Orchestra, How to Hire only Artist, Can I hire only Anchor or EMCEE?

Combination of Dance performers (Reality show makers, Dance studio members, Dance learners, Professional Dancers) Singers (Professional, Music composers, Vocalists, new and old style musicians) Program Anchors (EMCEE, Male Anchors, Female Anchors) Event Manager and Sound light setup system

Types of Orchestra in Bengaluru, Karnataka | Based on requirement

Wedding Orchestra for Reception, Karoke Orchestra and Open Stage Function like Ganesha or Rajyotsava

What is the Bengaluru Orchestra Contact Number for Booking?

A: Customer Care no Remains +91 9606922242 throughout Karnataka

What is the Cost for Orchestra programs in Bengaluru?

A: Pair singers hire at 10k, Open stage shows start from 50k

For Wedding functions, What is Orchesttra duration in Bengaluru?

A: 120 to 180 minutes performance with necessary breaks

What are the Occasions to Conduct Orchestra in Bengaluru?

Weddings or Marriage, Open stage occasions like god resembling, Birthday function, Getogethers

Reasons to Hire Orchestra Services in Bengaluru?

To keep the crowd engaged, music is ultimate choice. Wedding memories are 10 times more in wedding orchestra

Blind Orchestra in Bengaluru or Physical Handicapped music performers?

In our team we have some ultimate talents with handicaped artists, Bringing them out and providing oppurtunity you will be blessed to hire some artist

Sound System depends on type and size of Audience pax i.e., For a wedding reception or small indoor functions 500W pair speakers is suffice. Whereas for open stage functions approx 6000W speakers with supportive Subwoofers and DJ mixer.

Is Generator Backup needed for Orchestra organising in Bengaluru?

A: Orchestra is purely non essential celebration, Keeping generator backup depends on your location powercuts.

Can I Hire Celebrity for our Orchestra Program in Bengaluru?

Every celebrity artist is a public servant, hiring them for your function will keep public engaged in best way

About Kannadaorchestra.com
With over 160 artist and 8 seperate teams we are online Orchestra booking Company.

Rules and Regulations to Hire Orchestra in Bengaluru
- Payment of non refundable reservation amount only confirms booking of Orchestra
- Choosing for with or Without Sound sytem should be specific while booking orchestra
- Generator Backup is not included in package, Guest can make thier arrangement for same.
- Seperate Green room arrangement is compulsary as we have to keep our belongings and Dress up works.
-No reasons or situations expected during final settlement.
- All artists will arrive at venue 60 mins prior to show start
- Technicians and DJ will arrive early for setup and tuning purpose
- Audience participation is purely our choice

How much Does Marriage or Wedding Orchestra cost?

A pair of Singers would charge 10K to 20K based on profile and past performances. Sound system venue renting people can do or the Band people will do it cost effectively.

How to identify Quality of Wedding Orchestra?

Ideally over 160 artists work with us, Beginners and Expert. We will provide with reference videos before you finalise.

Do singers and bands usually perform requests of Guest?

Yes little manupulation is possible. But our Playlist is occasion based Marriage and Love songs for Reception, High BGM songs for outdoor functions like Rajyotsava and Ganesha programs

What provisions do they usually need at the venue?

Standard 20X30 stage, hordings, 2+4 monitor and top amplified speakers, DJ system, Wireless Mic for weddings or Indoor performance.

Am I expected to provide food and drink for artists performing?

Generally me being the Showstopper would recommend this option to guests only. We are artists and cannot demand.

How much time do singers and bands usually perform?

They will usually provide 2 hours of live music during the evening, either 3 x 40 min sets or 2 x 1 hour sets.

How long do they typically need to set up their orchestra sounds?

It depends on the size of band, how much sound and light equipment is being set up and the nature of the load in to the venue. For a four-piece band with a standard PA, allow 45 mins to an hour from when they arrive.

Will we need a DJ hire seperate during programs or Package?

No, we singers will look up in playlist. Seperate DJ hire cost is for extra entertainment package.

How long is a good length of time for a singer or band to have been working for?

Approx 4 years Experience is a good Band Orchestra performer, Would have gone through all peaks and valleys.

Is it beneficial if they’ve performed at my venue already?

Places and Venues records are available in our Pre recorded Videos. Information will be shared prior to Booking Orchestra services in Bangalore.

What makes a singer or wedding band stand out? What should I be looking out for?

Every program is a milestone building our Kannadaorchestra.com So our latest unique technique of collaboration with audience is what we standout. Also Economy factor of cost variance.

Will bands or singers be able to provide other services too?

Yes indeed. As mentioned previously some provide a DJ service, and some are also able to provide an acoustic set up for background music during the ceremony or reception.

Where’s the best place to find reviews for singers and bands?

Ideally social media or Youtube platform gains more review section for Wedding orchestra Organisers.

How many breaks do they need to take and when?

Depends on length of performance. For simple functions a pair singers and 1 anchor will do. Lenghty outdoor functions need 3 pair of Singers and Multiple anchors to keep the altitude high in porgrams.

What will usually be played between the breaks?

Set of Songs with Program anchor performing Comedy shows and Niche. Popular songs play list will be added for entertainment and Break purpose only if needed.

Can bands and singers take requests from guests?


Is it possible to submit a ‘Do Not Play’ list?

Yes of course. We dont perform Songs relating to Caste or non patrot or anti social songs.

What does the rate for a singer or band typically include?

Should include an agreed time for them to arrive to set up (usually 5pm), the length and number of sets, and the end of the booking (usually midnight). Early set ups or later finish times are usually possible at additional cost.

Are there any additional fees we should be mindful of?

If your venue is very large, the band may need to hire additional PA and/or lighting set ups.

Do you typically receive a written contract?

YES, We love to put spoken things on paper and Agreement too.

How far in advance from your wedding should you book your singer or band?

Advance booking is Best and Vast option, Nearing the date smaller the amount of choice.

What information do you need to supply before the big day?

Your song choices, any venue stipulations, contact details in case required on the day and dietary requirements if food is being provided.

Do you typically meet your musician before the wedding?

Not often. However sometimes clients like to have a video call with them beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page. If a meeting in person is required before, this can be arranged but they will probably want a small fee for their time.

What do bands and singers typically wear to weddings?

Our Costumes are standard suites. Theme wedding orchestra then we follow with Smile.

Do you Provide Orchestra service in Bangalore

Yes, Infact we provide service throughout Karnatka. Each and Every Village or City of 28 district can avail our service.

What all songs Involved in the Orchestra Program?

Kannada old and Melodious songs, Love, Romantic, Energetic songs can be expected. Also seasonal songs like Ayyapa Bhakthi Geethe, Janapada folk songs, Kannada Rajyotsava special songs can be expected.
Over 20 years of Orchestra Experience any songs upon request can be added to Playlist.

Can you elabrate on Duration of Orchestra?

Program will last from 3 Hours to 6 Hours depend upon crowd, situation, Time availability. Our Function starts at 7pm in general function. Bangalore wedding or music band | Entertainment and Marriage entertainers show.

Do you offer Orchestra for Corporate Gettogether's?

Our Corporate Clients have Booked Orchestra for their team outing, Annual day functions. Our professionals have made best in every aspects.

What type of Orchestra programs can be Expected?

Instrumental Orchestra - Involves Keyboard, Guitar, Flute, Tabla artist involved in Team. Karoke Orchestra - This is the trending in 2021 which reduces the manpower or instrumental artist "Karoke orchestra is very cost effective" Bollywood orchestra and Old Hindi songs can be Expected in our Functions.

Do you also provide Dance Programs in Wedding Functions?

Bhangra, Punjabi, Western, Bollywood, Sandalwood, Classical and Bharatanatyam Dance styles can be integrated in your Wedding or Reception functions.

How much Earlier should the booking be made for Orchestra?

Booking Prior to 15 days is Idle for any Function. We have handled more than 150+ Function booked prior 1 day with top professional anchoring.

What are the Payment terms for scheduled program?

Depending on crowd and type of Orchestra. We receive 50% Advance for Date and Function Confirmation; Remaining 50% Prior to function start. "Entertainment Guaranteed - Buckle up for Amazing Roller Coaster Music Ride"

Can I Hire only Karoke Machine with MIC so that I have my own singers?

Defenitely, These are costly Machines costing around 12 Lakhs with professional JBL Speakers, Bluetooth Enabled MICS. We will send our Technician with the Machines to Handle them for Connection and Setup.

Event Manager needed for small function, Can you Help?

You can Hire Female or Male Anchors for Any Function like Reception or Corporate Events

Do you provide additonal service like stage decoration, Lightings etc?

We do at additional cost, Get in touch with team for deals and quotes - 9606922242

Do you allow the host to Sing and Dance in the function?

One who is interested in Orchestra will book with us. We will allow host to use the machines and showcase talent in them, Its your family function you should enjoy the most.

What is the Crowd Handling Capacity of Your team?

We have Handled upto 3000 members in Palace ground Marriage funtion. But yes we also Handled 50 PAX audience too. So depending on audience is your bill and our team pile up for Entertainment. We offer Orchestra for reception and mini Functions.

I am Interested to join your Orchestra Band, How do I get in touch to Join the Team for Carrier?

Doors are always open, No calls please Watsap your auditon videos to 9606922242. We will defenitely take you in our team if you meet the wright critireas even for product catalogue Modelling

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Tumakuru Orchestra for Kannada and it taluks like Chikkanayakanahalli | Kunigal | Madhugiri | Sira | Tipturu | Gubbi | Koratagere | Pavagada | Turuvekere

Orchestra in Udupi district and its taluk including Kapu | Bynduru | Karkala | Kundapura | Hebri | Brahmavara

Orchestra in Uttara Kannada district and taluks including Karwara | Sirsi | Joida | Dandeli | Bhatkal | Kumta | Ankola | Haliyal | Honnavara | Mundagodu | Siddapura | Yellapura |

Orchestra in Gulbarga or Vijayapura district Bijapura and its taluk Indi | Basavana Bagewadi | Sindgi | Muddebihala | Talikote | Devara Hipparagi | Chadchana | Tikota | Babaleshwara | Kolhara | Nidagundi | Alamela

Orchestra services in Yadagiri district of Karnataka and its Taluk including Shahapura | Surapura | Gurmitkala | Vadagera | Hunsagi

Orchestra in famous places of Karnataka include Orchestra in Gokarna | Orchestra in Dharmastala | Orchestra in Siganduru | Orchestra in Hampi

Singers Hire Throughout Karnataka

Inspite of Bengaluru or Bangalore based companies we have performed in 20 plus districts of Karnataka for Wedding or any Event based Singers for Hire in Bagalkot | Ballari or Bellary | Belagavi or Belgaum | Bidar | Chamarajanagar | Chikballapur | Chikkamagalur | Chitradurga | DakshinaKannada or Mangalore | Davangere | Dharwad | Hubli | Gadag | Hassan | Haveri | Kalaburagi or Gulbarga | Kodagu or Coorg | Kolar | Koppal | Mandya | Mysuru or Mysore | Raichur | Ramanagara | Shivamogga or Shimoga | Tumkur | Udupi | UttaraKannada or Karwar | Vijayapura | Bijapur | Yadgiri

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